As a SaaS marketer, if you feel like you're walking a tightrope between sensitivity and doing business, you're not alone.


With the rapid spread of COVID-19, marketers are scrambling to assess how to move forward when so many aspects of everyday life are screeching to a halt. At BLASTmedia, we’re here to help SaaS companies navigate media conversations, even during the coronavirus pandemic. Read on for more.

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Trade Media and COVID-19: What to Know About Press Outreach

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Insights on SaaS Marketing During COVID-19

The following resources have been compiled to help your marketing team navigate PR and communications during COVID-19.

Communicating During Crisis: SaaS PR Guidance During the Pandemic

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Media pitching during COVID-19 – what you should & shouldn’t pitch


Communicating During Crisis

Powderkeg PR Expert Advice Livestream

Kim Jefferson, SVP at BLASTmedia joins Powderkeg's Matt Hunckler to discuss how to improve messaging around the Coronavirus crisis.

– Business Insider Editor-in-Chief, Nicholas Carlson

Think about how you can help the journalist help create value for the audience. Of course, you need to create value for clients, too. But it all starts with, 'What would actually be useful for the audience?'

Spotlighting National Technology Articles


BLASTmedia reviewed a sample of national technology publications to track the overall article velocity. The graph plots articles without mention of COVID-19 or the coronavirus, articles with mentions and total articles. Data from the week ending 4/10/20 shows a nearly 50/50 split between articles related to COVID-19 (47%) and articles without mentions of the virus (53%).

Weekly Updates to Your Inbox


BLASTmedia closely monitors coverage in our clients’ target trade verticals to inform outreach strategy and provides a report reviewing overall article velocity in HR, IT, marketing, retail, finance and education trades as well as national tech, as compared to the percent of those articles that relate to COVID-19. Sign-up below to get the latest report straight to your inbox every Friday.

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